Empowered Financially by Louise Anne Maurice

Don’t Miss this New Approach to Budgeting, Making Money and Investing Money

There’s no denying it; with all of the personal finance books available, even the ones that are supposed to be simple to understand, you are still feeling disempowered financially, aren’t you? How do you view money management; boring, difficult and hard or something that should be handled by professionals? Well Empowered Financially: 26 Money Management Hacks to Take Charge of Your Personal Finances is about to change that.

Can Personal Finance Really Be Simple, Creative and Fun?

Imagine actually reading a personal finance book that takes into account the feminine and masculine energy of money management. You discover 26 money management hacks that are simple, creative and fun. Yes, fun! Here is a brief sampling of what this personal finance book covers:

  • 12 Power-Positioning questions you must begin with that sets you up for financial success.
  • 11 Easy Steps to creating a budget that works for you not against you.
  • The Power of PRACTICAL Creativity: How to save money without sacrificing your personal flare.
  • THE WORST number in Money Management and how to protect yourself from it.
  • Warning for all married people: How your in-laws secretly sabotage your financial freedom and the steps you need to turn that around.

Empowered Financially: 26 Money Management Hacks to Take Charge of Your Personal Finances is a Book that Everyone Needs to Read

Buy a book for your own personal finance awareness or send one as a gift to a young person heading off to college or to newlyweds. This is one of the best personal finance books; especially for people who avoid learning about personal finance because they can’t relate, believe they are not good with money, think it is too hard or they don’t have time to manage their money.

You don’t need a Kindle device to buy this book and read it. You can download the free app and use it on whatever device you own; it is that simple. Amazon does things right; that you can trust!

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