Empowered Freedom by Louise Anne Maurice

If you believe “I’ll Never Be FREE from my Dead-End Job” you need to read Empowered Freedom

If you want to retire early from your dead-end job and create the life of your dreams but you keep coming up against road blocks and obstacles, this book is for you. If you have tried to follow mainstream retirement planning advice but you can’t seem to stick to the plan, this early retirement book is your solution. I wrote this book for you if you believe the odds are against you.

Do you secretly worry that you will be stuck in a dead-end job or career forever?

As a former Financial Adviser and Teacher, Louise Anne Maurice excels at educating people about money. However, she intimately understands that money is only half of the equation to retirement planning. As the founder of Womanly Wealth Academy, Louise is not just another financial guru TELLING you what you need to do. Louise is a success role-model with 27 years of professional experience who has lived the ups and downs of the real world. In this early retirement book, Louise shows you how to retire early from a dead-end job. She coaches and mentors you through an early retirement plan plus guides you through exercises and activities. You learn how to become rich, retire early and enjoy life regardless of your Odds-Are-Against-Me background. She shows you how to solve your own retirement planning problems so you can become naturally wealthy in every area of your life; including financially.

This Kindle Short-Read ebook will show you:

That Your Excuses for Not Being Wealthy Are Sabotaging You Plus How to Move Past It
Chapter 1 - The #1 Excuse that sabotages you
Chapter2 - Are You Motivated to Be Rich or Poor? You’d be surprised
Chapter 3 - The Science of Getting Rich is different than you think
Chapter 4 - Must-Know Inspired Planning that you can’t help but love
Chapter 5 - Wealth Building That’s Mother Approved yet rebellious at the same time
Chapter 6 - When Get Rich Fast Is Actually a Good Thing without the high-risk
Chapter 7 - Overcoming Wealth Building Adversity even when you don’t know what to do
Chapter8 - Early Retirement Power Program that gets you moving
Chapter 9 - The Ultimate Stress-Free Financial Plan that you’ll want to implement
Chapter 10 - Self-Made Millionaire’s Strategies that are easy to follow
Chapter 11 - Your Against All Odds Retirement Plan that Works
Final Thoughts - Most Financial Planners Never Say This and You Actually Need to Hear This

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