Empowered Instructor by Louise Anne Maurice

Would You Like An Easier Marketing Plan To Sell More Udemy Courses? Then You Need to Read Empowered Instructor!

This is one of the best marketing books for Udemy Instructors you will ever read because it shows you the tried and true off-line marketing strategies - the old school way plus gives you the new social media marketing strategies. It takes the stress out of marketing your Udemy Courses. It outlines 26 strategies giving you explanations, examples and step-by-step how-to information for

  • target marketing for Udemy Instructors.
  • social marketing.
  • market segmentation for Udemy Courses.
  • market positioning.
  • marketing analysis.
  • marketing communications.
  • marketing mix strategy.
  • marketing mix example.
  • marketing mix variables.
  • marketing strategies.
  • viral marketing.
  • how to market your Udemy Courses for free.
  • local marketing.
  • how to promote your Udemy Courses.
  • event marketing.
  • article and video marketing.
  • newsletter marketing.
  • blog marketing.
  • S.E.O marketing.
  • forum marketing.
  • email marketing.
  • social media marketing plan.
  • social media marketing strategy.
  • affiliate marketing.
  • Business to Business marketing.
  • plus you also get the entire A to Z marketing plan checklist designed for Udemy Instructors.

So if you have been asking the question “how do I market my Udemy Courses?” breathe a sigh of relief!

You have found one of the best marketing books for Udemy Instructors because this book was written for you; to support your success. This is one of the best marketing books because it was written to develop the marketing skills you already possess. You know more about marketing than you think and this book shows you how to tap into that knowledge. This in one of the best marketing books because it helps you get back to the basics and simplifies marketing for you. When marketing is simple, you will implement. When you implement, you are successful.

After reading this step-by-step how-to book that simplifies marketing concepts for Udemy Instructors, you will feel fearless in marketing your courses

The truth is, everything you need to know about successfully marketing your Udemy courses, you already know. To refresh your memory, I share marketing strategies that are basic. You get marketing 101 simplified for Udemy Instructors. This is one of the best marketing books that you will read.

Buy Empowered Udemy Instructor today and Learn Marketing Strategies That You Need to Dominate on Udemy

You don’t need a Kindle device to buy this book and read it. You can download the free app and use it on whatever device you own; it is that simple. Amazon does things right; that you can trust!

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