Empowered Life Coach by Louise Anne Maurice

If You Want to Know How to Start a Life Coaching Business, this Book is for YOU

The reality is; a life coach salary is self-driven! Your clients must leave your coaching feeling empowered. They must receive results working with you or you won’t earn a great life coach salary. The old economy as we knew it is GONE FOREVER. It is never coming back as it was and being prepared by learning HOW TO START A LIFE COACHING BUSINESS AND MAKE MONEY is the best job security you now have.

Do you secretly worry that you will run out of money if you choose to start your own life coaching business?

Imagine actually knowing how much money you need to make, how much money to charge for your life coaching services or group coaching programs. The #1 cause of life coaching business failure is financial.Life Coaches that didn’t save enough, took out too many loans because they were unaware of other ways or just lack of financial know-how. The entire second chapter is devoted to this very important topic. You discover 50 Life Coach Salary Insights that you must know to be successful. Here is a brief sampling of what this book for life coaches covers:

  • 12 Power-Positioning questions you must begin with that sets you up for financial success.
  • 11 Easy Steps to understanding your target and niche market.
  • The Power of PRACTICAL Positioning: How to determine what your best pricing strategy is.
  • THE WORST situation in Business and how to protect yourself from it.
  • Warning for all life coaches: How outsourcing can secretly sabotage your business and the steps you need to turn that around.
Do you believe that you can’t make money as a life coach unless a big company pays you a salary?

Buy Empowered Life Coach: How to Start a Life Coaching Business and Make Money to learn the foundation pieces you need to be successful. This is one of the best books; especially for life coaches who are unsure if being in business is something they are capable of doing. Before you invest a lot of money in your business, buy this book and be prepared.

You don’t need a Kindle device to buy this book and read it. You can download the free app and use it on whatever device you own; it is that simple. Amazon does things right; that you can trust!

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