Empowered Project Manager by Louise Anne Maurice

If You Can Relate to this Story, Empowered Project Manager is the Book for You?

Paul started with the organization straight out of college. He has been diligent throughout his career and learned on-the-job skills to excel at whatever was thrown at him. Paul’s career dreams are now coming true and he is finally being recognized for all his hard work. Paul has been given a 6 month contract position with a considerable increase in pay and the new unofficial title of “Project Manager”. If he proves himself, his pay will increase even more as he will be “First Consideration” for all new projects. He is also in charge of leading a diverse team of 10 highly skilled individuals. He is told that this team will help him achieve his mandate to “get the project done on-time and within budget”. Thrilled with the new title, Paul goes home that night and shares the great news with his wife and 3 kids that he is now a Project Manager. They are more excited about the pay raise and are already spending the extra money. The next day Paul shares the news with colleagues who “laugh” and then share with him that the 10 team members have been labeled as the “difficult people to manage”. They stressed-out the last Project Manager and drove him to quit. Paul is a little nervous because he has no formal Soft Skills or People Management Training and what will his wife and kids think if he fails? Can you relate to Paul? He has learned the hard skills necessary to complete projects but not the soft skills necessary to lead a team.

Whether you are like Paul and have been thrown into the unknown and given the unofficial title of “Project Manager” or you are a new graduate, you are in the right place because this Project Management Soft Skills Training Book is for you.

REALITY - Sometimes you have no control over selecting your team. As a Project Manager, you usually walk into the unknown. You feel confident with the hard skills of Project Management but not the soft skills required for success. I have helped many Project Managers, just like you, feel competent working with a diverse, and sometimes unknown, Team. With me as your guide, you will experience less stress and more confidence dealing with difficult team members. I developed this interactive book to be delivered as a high-level training seminar with hands-on activities, videos and exercises in each chapter. By the end of this soft skills training book, you’ll know how to implement proven techniques for dealing with the 10 most difficult people to manage.

You learn precisely:  How to deal with lazy team members who procrastinate.  How to deal with narcissists who create drama.  How to deal with disengaged employees who are uncommitted to the Project mission.  How to deal with negative people who have a bad attitude.  How to deal with people who lie and make excuses about why they can’t do the work you are asking them to do.  How to deal with gossip in the workplace that divides the team.  How to deal with workplace bullying and harassment.  How to deal with difficult people who complain about everything that you do or don’t do.  How to deal with moody people who create tension among the team.  How to deal with workplace conflict and drama. I show you the mistakes to avoid in dealing with the 10 most difficult team members and then what you need to do instead. The usual approach to developing a motivated productive team doesn’t work with the difficult team members. In this book I give you my 11 part EMPOWERMENT SOFT SKILLS STRATEGIES so you can be proactive in your approach to dealing with difficult people before they delay your project and stress you out. I then give you activities plus guide you on how to apply these strategies to develop an engage and productive team. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you are an unofficial Project Manager who has been thrown into the unknown, a new Project Manager or a seasoned Project Manager who can't handle the new crop of difficult people, you need this book today!

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