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Ready for learning that is empowerment-based, solution-focused with a splash of fun, motivation and inspiration designed for optimal success?  International Empowerment Expert, Author and High-Level Trainer Louise Anne Maurice provides 59 online courses on the Udemy E-Learning platform.  Join over 30,000 businesses, success-minded individuals and entrepreneurs in 168 countries today.  Click on the Learn More button to discover an online course that is right for you.  

Learn Achieve Master with Books by Louise Anne Maurice

Empowered Life Coach

Learn how to start a life coaching business and make money.  Click to learn more.

Empowered Professional

Learn stress management to reclaim success and show stress who's boss.  

Empowered Freedom

Learn how to retire early from a dead-end job and create the life of your dreams.

Empowered Woman

Learn women empowerment solutions for long-lasting business success. 

Empowered Consultant

Learn how to start a consulting business and command high fees.

Empowered Expert

Learn how to promote your business and build your brand teaching online.

Empowered Instructor

Learn an A-Z marketing plan to sell your Udemy courses for top dollar.

Empowered Financially

Learn 26 money management hacks to take charge of your personal finances.

Let's Start Learning

Check out some free YouTube videos by Louise Anne Maurice. With her  30+ years of experience, she generously shares her insights, knowledge, learned mistakes, skills, step-by-step know-how, simple tips and short-cuts so that your success journey is less stressful and more fun. Whether you work for a company or work for yourself, you will discover something new with her no-fluff step-by-step easy-to-understand video training that is designed to get you from A to B in the shortest amount of time with the best results.


What Students Have to Say

Each course has been wonderful. I'm very excited to be continuing on and excited for my future as a life coach. All I have to say is thank you, Louise! You are very prompt and helpful in your feedback to me and also extremely kind. I spent a couple of days "shopping" for the right certification program and I'm so happy I came across yours! Cheers!  Kristy Venechanos

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